My Entry for the Triple Trijam 2020!

What is the Triple Trijam?

The Triple Trijam is a variation of the Trijam, a weekly gamejam where you try to make a game from scratch to a theme in just 3 hours!

In the Triple Trijam you first do the same, make a game in 3 hours. But then you spend another 3 hours to imporve your game and then another final 3 hours to make the final build. And you get three themes to pick from!

So this game was made in 9 hours total.

The Web-Version on this page is a postjam version with additional fetures and fixes. But in the downloads you can find all three versions and the postjam Version for Windows and Linux, as well as the 9 hour version for Android.

Version 1 after 3 hours, Version 2 after 6 hours and the final Version 3 after 9 hours.


Snakebomb is my game for the Triple Trijam in 2020.

Snakebomb is a twist on the classic game of Snake. You eat food to get larger and at some point you run into something and die. But here you don't just die, you explode! Because you are a Snakebomb!

And your goal is to destroy all ghosts in a level with your explosion.

Snakebomb features 10 Levels with increasing speed and ghost numbers. Can you finish all of them?

How to Play


The Triple Trijam has three themes from which you can choose to implement one, two or all three in your game.

These are the themes for the Triple Trijam 2020 and how I implemented them:

  •  Novel Twist on Classic Game
    • This one pretty obvious as the whole game is a twist on the classic game "Snake".
  • Chain Reaction
    • Chain Reaction is what gave me the idea to have the Snake explode, in a chain reaction.
  • Negative Feedback Loop
    • Not that directly implemented, but there is a decision to make how long you want to become before you detonate yourself. Getting longer makes the game harder but at the same time makes it easier to hit all ghosts in your explosion.


Diversifiers are a set of optional challenges.

Here are the ones I (more or less) completed and that directly affect the game. Visit the Triple Trijam Page ( to see the whole list.

  • Community
    • Join the Trijam Discord and read the #rules channel!
      • I've been on the Discord server since before the Triple Trijam. There is no #rules channel, though. I've read #info, I hope that counts.
    • Play, rate, and leave a comment on every game submitted to the jam!
      • Working on it :D
  • Code
  • Design
    • Make a game that uses randomness!
      • Randomness is part of the core design of Snakebomb. The game generates random levels, places the ghosts and the player randomly in said level and the cherry-bomb is placed randomly.
  • Accessibility
    • Make a game that can be understood regardless of what language the player speaks!
      • While this game features english text and the "How To" is in english it is also not very complicated and I'm pretty sure even somebody who doesn't understand english can figure the game out pretty quick.
    • Make a game that can be played with WASD, ZQSD, Arrow Keys, and IJKL!
      • All of these inputs are accepted.
    • Use a color-blindness filter to test your game's art and make sure it's clear for people with all kinds of color-blindness!
      • I used a filter and also asked a friend of mine with a red-green colorblindness about Snakebomb. We both agree that, while certain sprites appear as the same color (the snake and cherry in his case), all things behave differently enough that the similar looking color is not too much of a problem.
  • Meta
    • Make a game with a main menu! In a game jam! WOW!!
      • Snakebomb proudly boasts a main menu!

Used Assets, Code, etc.

Snakebomb is made with the Godot Game Engine (

All sprites were made during the jam using Aseprite (

The font used in Snakebomb is "ARCADE_N" (

Sound effects were created during the jam using Bfxr (

The music was created during the jam using Ecrett Music (

The glow shader is a shader I found in the Godot forum (

The retro shader is from the Godot Asset Library (

Install instructions

For Windows and Linux: Download, unzip and execute. No need to install.

For Android: Copy APK to your Android device and install.


Snakebomb - Postjam 1.0 - 16 MB
Snakebomb - Postjam 1.0 - 17 MB
Snakebomb - v1 - 12 MB
Snakebomb - v1 - 13 MB
Snakebomb - v2 - 16 MB
Snakebomb - v2 - 17 MB
Snakebomb - v3 - 16 MB
Snakebomb - v3 - 17 MB
Snakebomb.apk 22 MB

Development log

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